Colin Wee (2020)

Colin Wee:

 Inducted into the A.M.A.H.O.F.(Inc) for 2020
Martial Artist of the Year

Inducted into the W.K.U.H.O.F. for 2020
Martial Artist of the Year


Colin has trained in three martial arts over three continents since 1983. His main lineage has its roots in Chung Do Kwan and was brought out of Korea in 1956. He continues this lineage through Joong Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do under the auspices of American Karate and Taekwondo Organization.

Colin Wee has practiced the martial arts for close to forty years, and is Chief Instructor of a small martial arts training school ‘Joong Do Kwan’ based in Perth, Western Australia. He has been involved at a high level of sporting activity in two sports throughout his life. He held the title of Junior National Champion in Archery from 1980 to 1983. In 1983 he represented Singapore in an overseas meet, and from then participated in many events that saw him travel to and compete in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, and India.