Presidents Report 2016

Shihan Les Elliott
President (2014 – present)
AMAHOF Inc. Board & Executive Committee
Member of the AMAHOF Sokeship Council

Welcome to the 20th year of the Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.

For this notable achievement we have to thank the people who instigated the formation of AMAHOF back in 1997, primarily Grand Master Ramon Lawrence who along with Shihan Paul Gallon, Master Mal Lomax and Kancho Barry Bradshaw gave us the strong foundation on which the present day Hall of Fame is based. ( These rankings/titles as of 1996 )

Over the years we have been proud to recognise the contribution of practitioners from almost every form of Martial Art, our members are among the best in their field.

I should like to mention at this point the valuable contribution made by past President Ramon Lawrence who held this post for 18 years and his present ongoing support as Chairman of the Sokeship Council.

The  Sokeship Council is an integral part of AMAHOF, with validation of Grades, Dojo Registration Certificates  and Council members conducting actual Gradings under the AMAHOF banner etc’. We invite you to visit the website for further information on this valuable but under utilised asset

In common with most associations there are an enormous band of people behind the scenes, without their help and effort we would not be celebrating 20 years today.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all, especially Frank Hussey and Arlene and Johnny Whipp.

You may have noticed the HOF is slowly undergoing a transition, our aim is to keep members informed and where possible, involved by Networking, Interaction, and information sharing.

We are also making AMAHOF more high profile within the electronic arena, by keeping members updated with a newsletter via email, but we can only do this if you keep us current.
Also the website is becoming more and more popular as well as our face book pages, contribution with articles are most welcome, please advise the Executive if you can help.
Special thanks go to Anthony and Kelly Hockley for their Hosting of this year’s event.

In closing, I would like to thank the Executive and Directors in this year of change.

We hope you continue your training in good health and stay well.
Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney for 2017

Shihan Les Elliott